A fracture in your leg or foot may require you to have a procedure on your knee or lower leg and your doctor may recommend that you use a walking aid while you are healing or recovering. Using crutches, a cane, or a walker can help keep your weight off your injured or weak leg, assist with balance, and enable you to perform your daily activities in a safer way.

If it your first time using your walking aid, you might need to have a friend or family member nearby to help steady you and give you support. In the beginning, everything may seem more difficult but with a few tips and a little practice you will be able to quickly gain confidence and learn how to use a walking aid safely.

Some of the Popular Walking Aids

Pedder Johnson Round Handle Cane is helpful if you have minor problems with balance or stability, weakness in your leg or trunk, an injury, or a pain. If you are elderly then using a single point cane can help you to walk in a comfortable and safe way and will also make it easier for you to continue living independently.

Rehaid Axillary Underarm Crutches (Pair) are designed to be used for longer periods of time; these Axillary Crutches give fabulous performance and are customized according to the specification of the client.

Pedder Johnson Walking Stick with Folding Seat attached is particularly useful for those people who need rest periodically. This mobility equipment is sturdy and provides firm support and security to the user. It also improves stability and helps those with poor balance.

Karma Healthcare Aluminum Folding Walking Stick is elegant looking, lightweight and durable walking cane. It has four sections folding and hence very convenient to carry along.

Scure WS 106 Height Adjustable Quad Cane has stability and ergonomic design. It is Ideal for patients suffering from walking disability. Its durable abs plastic handles and impact bush ensures stability and longevity. It gives freedom of self-movement with lightweight and adjustable height walking supports. It is enabled with non-slip rubber capped four legs that provide support and good balance.

Ryder 22 Height Adjustable Elbow Crutch is made of finest quality aluminum anodized pipe. It gives a very firm and secure support to the user while providing durability. This crutch features an ergonomic design with Velcro sleeve which gives better comfort and better fit.

Rehaid Elbow Crutch with Strap is made up of anodized aluminum with telescopic height adjustment. It is designed as per biomechanical principles for proper weight distribution.