Many a time, people get stuck in traffic where you might find no restrooms, or dirty restrooms, etc. Many people have overactive bladder and have to use the restroom every 15 to 20 minutes. Travel urinals are a boon for such people. Ladies many a time feel uncomfortable sitting on dirty and unhygienic toilets. Outdoor activities like camping, hunting, hiking, boating, etc. are all activities that have the problem of finding a clean and safe restroom. Well, using a hand held urinal eliminates the whole need for such urgencies.

We at Health Vistas provide a solution in the form of the Uriwell Unisex Portable Travel Urinal for Adults. It is a flexible, cylindrical, hygienic, corrugated polypropylene container with a spill and odor proof cap which closes hermetically. This portable urinal can be extended and collapsed to suit the needs of the user. It is one stop solution for you if you feel that it is a tough task using the unhealthy and stinking restrooms on highways or roadside hotels and motels.

Uriwell Unisex Portable Travel Urinal For Adults

Benefits of Using Travel Urinals

# Small and compact design make them easy to carry and store

# Spill proof and odor proof

# Suitable for both female and male users

# Can be used in any posture, standing, sitting or lying

# Easy to use with no requirement of excessive physical efforts