Many a time, women face difficulties while going to a washroom or toilet during travel as most of the toilets are not as hygienic as the one at your home. But technology has made it possible for women to use the public restrooms without going through the hassles of sitting down or squatting.

PeeBuddy female urinating device has been invented to put to rest all the inconveniences women experience while using public toilets. As the name suggests, PeeBuddy is touted to become a female’s best buddy for unfriendly toilets! It is a respite for the bladders of those females who completely squirm at the thought of public toilets or find it a rather nasty procedure to crouch over or cover the toilet seat with the toilet paper. The toilet seats can now be completely avoided and women now don’t have to fear the germs moving around in the toilet seats.

Pee-Buddy Disposable Urinary Funnel For Females

Benefits of Using PeeBuddy

# It is ideal for public toilets, airports and flights, hospitals, highways, railways just about every toilet outside your home.

# Public toilets are the hub for infectious water borne and air borne diseases causing UTI and other diseases and PeeBuddy helps avoid them.

# It is easy to use and doesn’t require any expertise.

# It is a use and throw product and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack.

# It is biodegradable and therefore doesn’t harm the environment.

How to Use PeeBuddy?

# Open: To open the Pee-Buddy, gently press on the top front and back.

# Place: Move your panty aside and place the open end of the funnel between your legs, under the flow area.

# Pee: Bend a little or tilt your hips and ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards. Relax and urinate.

# Throw: Dispose off the PeeBuddy in the dustbin.