Air mattresses or airbeds are the new age sleep comforters that not only give you a comfortable sleep but also help in combating many health problems that are caused or aggravated by the wrong sleeping posture. They improve the quality of life of people who suffer from back pain, sores or any of these kinds of health problems. The ability to adjust the firmness and shape of a mattress to accommodating different body shapes, sizes, and weights, can be a major factor in the healing process. Moreover, air mattresses manufactured without the use of materials that may release VOCs or other toxic compounds from the manufacturing process can exacerbate allergies in children or other sensitive individuals.

Popular Picks for Air Mattresses

We have a wide range of air bed mattresses that can help you get a good and healthy sleep.

Romsons GS-9009 Cell Mat Bed Sore Prevention Cell Mattress is a mattress recommended for people suffering from bed sores. It helps in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores stage I and II and in long term and domiciliary therapies.

Romsons Sorenil Bed Sore Prevention System has a feature that constantly inflates and deflates cells that help in changing the pressure points. This helps in the proper flow of blood and prevents sores.

Smart Care QDC 303 Bubble Mattress is perfectly designed for patients who are at risk of developing pressure sores. It helps in the reduction of pressure exerted to the specific body parts through continuous movement.

# Decubitis is an everlasting problem for bed ridden people. These ulcers near the bone prominent areas are a headache. They can cause a lot of discomfort for the patient. Crystal Care Anti Decubitus Air Mattress & Pump System is a mattress apt for people suffering from decubitus as it changes pressure points as and when required and also sees that friction at the bone areas is avoided thus reducing the pain in the ulcers.