Have you ever noticed the green lines that run under the skin? They are many a time clearly visible on your palm, your elbow or your calf area. They are the veins in your body which carry the impure blood from the organs back to your heart. Blood flows through them every second of your life, for as long as you live. Sometimes this blood flow is obstructed or hampered by some outer or inner factors. These results in venous disorders like edema, thrombosis, phlebitis, etc. This is when compression stockings come to the rescue. They are specialized kind of hosiery designed to improve the flow of blood in your legs and prevent these disorders. These medical stockings save the body from pain, heaviness, inability to walk or stand for long hours thus hindering work and leading to ankle swelling. Compression stockings apply gentle pressure on the legs which helps to increase valve effectiveness. They reduce the diameter of the vein increasing the blood velocity and valve capacity.

Which Compression Stocking to Choose?

# Well, if you are looking for a compression hose that covers your leg completely then the Sigvaris TFS 23-32 mmHg Class 2 AG Thigh High Short Open Toe with Soft Top Medical Compression Stockings is an excellent choice. They are designed for an easy lifestyle and are perfect for those with chronic venous disorders such as edema, skin changes, stasis, etc. They are also a good choice for those going or have just gone for a vein procedure.

# The Sigvaris Cotton 23-32 mmHg Class 2 AD Below Knee Normal Open Toe with Soft Top Medical Compression Stockings also serve the same purpose but are shorter in length in case you don’t need a stocking that only covers the calf and the foot.

# The arms also face a lot of venous problems, and so there are compression arm sleeves for this too. The Comprezon 23-32 mmHg Class 2 CG Mild Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve Without Hand is a compression arm sleeve that is basically used for Lymphorrhea. They prevent the flow of lymphatic fluid from the torn lymph vessels and also help stop fibrosis.

# The Comprezon 23-32 mmHg Class 2 AGH Mild Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve with Hand+ Shouldercap+ Belt is used for the same purpose but come with a sling attached and so provide extra support to the arm.