A walker or a walking frame is a tool designed specifically for people who have a disability walking. Many a time an injury or old age makes a person depend on other people for their day to day activities. Whether it be going to the toilet or taking a walk in the park or even getting up and walking to the kitchen. These orthopedic walkers have made it possible for people to be independent and go wherever they wish without the support of any other human being.

Some of the Popular Mobility Walkers

Karma Healthcare Reciprocal Folding Walker aids as a support for people with poor balance to walk independently and work independently. There are pivots from side-to-side which move in a reciprocating motion. It provides a minimal lift off the floor surface and so is easy for moving forward or backward.

Rehaid Premium Walking Frame-Silver is an ideal tool for gait training for people using prosthesis or orthosis. It is easy to use forward and backward without lifting the walker thus making it easy for patients to move freely. It is useful during hemiplegic, geriatric conditions, and early amputation post-operative conditions.

# Many a time your child might also need a walker due to an unfortunate injury or an orthopedic problem. Smart Care SC 966L (S) Height Adjustable Pediatric Walker is sturdy yet lightweight tool apt for such a situation. The walker is designed keeping balance in mind and maintains the center of gravity to aid the child. The height is adjustable and is good if it is a growing child. The comfortable hand grips are designed for every hand, and a foot piece silencer provides noise-free usage.

Rehaid Premium Reciprocal Folding Walker with Wheels is a frame specially designed for elderly people. It maintains stability while walking and prevents tipping. The wheels provide straight and easy movement and see that less force is required to push the walker around.

Pedder Johnson Walker with Wheels is an ergonomically shaped walker with released handles which make this walker easy to open and close. It is durable, lightweight and has an anodized MS frame. The buffers at bottom eliminate noise and provide strong floor grips. The one push button allows the walker to be folded and stored compactly. The rubber wheels enable the user to walk on a greater variety of surfaces.