Sigvaris Compression Stockings are designed to treat different forms of chronic venous and lymphatic diseases. They are very comfortable, durable and allow for easy donning. The double-covered yarn used in these products make them feel soft against the skin. They aim at promoting overall leg health and healing. To meet the varying needs of people that changes over time, Sigvaris stockings come in a wide range of compression levels, lengths, sizes, etc.


Choosing the Right Sigvaris Compression Stockings

It is important to do a wise selection between the choices available to get the right amount of compression that will help in faster healing of your venous diseases. Consider the below given parameters while selecting the Sigvaris compression stockings:

Compression Classes of the Sigvaris Stockings

The below given points will explain you that which compression level is suitable for different types of leg problems:

# Class 1 (18-21 mmHg): Deep vein thrombosis, heavy and tired legs which often get swelled up, embolism and thrombosis in immobile patients, superficial varicose veins without leg oedema or during pregnancy.

# Class 2 (23-32 mmHg): Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins with mild leg oedema, severe varicose veins during pregnancy, aseptic superficial thrombophlebitis, post-thrombotic syndrome, after varicose vein treatment to ensure the success of the treatment, after venous ulcer healing in patients with chronic venous insufficiency

# Class 3 (34-46 mmHg): Active or recurrent venous leg ulcers, post-traumatic syndrome, reversible lymphoedema, angiodysplasia, lipoedema, forms of advanced CVI like lipodermatosclerosis.

# Class 4 (min 49 mmHg): Severe post-thrombotic syndrome, irreversible lymphoedema.

Sigvaris hosiery with the indications as mentioned in class 3 and 4 should only be used if recommended by medical specialists.

Appropriate Model of the Stockings

# AD - Calf:
Sigvaris knee high compression stockings reach up to the calf. They are known to provide clinical improvement in many cases of venous insufficiency. These stockings are sufficient to work as prophylaxis in pregnancy.

# AG - Thigh: Sigvaris thigh high compression stockings are used to provide compression up to the thigh area. They are recommended for deep vein thrombosis in the thigh area, varicosis in the femur region with venous reflux, saphenousfemoral junction (SFJ) insufficiency or leg problems, thigh varices in pregnancy, after crossectomy or surgical varicose vein treatment, superficial thrombophlebitis, lipoedema and lymphoedema in the thigh area.

Closed Toe or Open Toe Stockings

# Closed Toe:
Sigvaris compression hosiery with closed toe are required in situations where compression is needed in the toe area like in the case of foot oedema. They are also suitable for a pronounced hallux as they do not put any pressure on it.

# Open Toe: Sigvaris open toe stockings are ideal for people who have problem wearing a closed toe stocking. They allow easy monitoring of the toe condition. Their ease of donning make them suitable for elderly patients. Open toe stockings prove to be more comfortable in warm temperatures. They are not suited for hallux as they may cause constriction at the toe end.

Size of the Sigvaris Compression Stockings

To get the effective results from the compression stockings, it is important to choose the right size. Sigvaris compression stockings come in a wide range of sizes, including X-Small, X-Small Plus, Small, Small Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Large and Large Plus. If a size smaller than the required is chosen, it may result in constriction of blood flow. Going one size larger can help in providing comfort and flexibility for longer periods.


Sigvaris Cotton Compression Stockings


Sigvaris TFS Compression Stockings

 Size  Ankle   Circumference  Calf   Circumference  Thigh   Circumference
 X Small  20-22  27-34  47-56
 X Small   Plus  20-22  31-38  52-61
 Small  22-24  31-38  52-61
 Small   Plus  22-24  34-41  56-65
 Medium  24-26  34-41  56-65
 Medium   Plus  24-26  37-44  61-71
 Large  26-29  37-44  61-71
 Large   Plus  26-29  41-48  66-76
 Size  Ankle   Circumference  Calf   Circumference  Thigh   Circumference
 Small  19-23  28-34  42-52
 Small   Plus  19-23  32-38  50-60
 Medium  23-26  31-37  50-60
 Medium   Plus  23-26  36-42  58-68
 Large  26-29  34-40  58-68
 Large   Plus  26-29  40-46  66-76

Material of the Compression Stockings

Material of the stockings should also be considered while buying them for treating different lymphatic and venous diseases. Their material is what makes them different from the normal socks. The most common materials used in the Sigvaris compression stockings are cotton, polyamide, elasthan and elastodine (natural rubber). Most of the products are made from the combination of these materials.


Why to Choose Sigvaris Compression Socks?

Sigvaris compression hosiery should be chosen because of the following reasons:

# Provide best product fit for comfort and efficacy

# Improve the treatment of venous insufficiency

# Unique sizing system with textile intelligence aims at covering most of the population

# Available in a wide choice of sizes, models, colors and textures to bring solutions for everyone 

# Designed by keeping patient needs in mind

# Approved by healthcare professionals


When are Sigvaris Stockings used?

Sigvaris compression stockings find their applications in the following situations:

# Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

# Varicose Veins

# Lymphoedema

# Leg Ulcer

# Diabetes

# Pregnancy

# Travel