A raised or an elevated toilet seat is a medical device that allows a person with limited mobility to safely and successfully use the restroom without any assistance or any kind of pain. More than 25 million Americans today, suffer from arthritis, limited mobility, and chronic joint pain and they struggle continuously with their daily activities that many of us complete within minutes.

Even easy activities, such as using the bathroom are a challenging task that may require assistance. This can be embarrassing for both the person suffering and for the person providing the assistance, and with the correct elevated toilet seat or toilet seat riser, this situation can be avoided entirely. There are hundreds of designs, various methods of attachment and multiple elevations available so it is important to understand the important points that will help you choose the best-raised commode seat for your needs and allow the patient to maintain their safety and independence.

Popular Buys of Elevated Toilet Seats

# A good example is the Pedder Johnson 13CM Raised Toilet Seat with Hygiene Cleaner which is useful to people with knee & arithmetic problems. It is a solution for those people who find it difficult to clean themselves. It is ideal and effective for hands-free cleaning of the perirectal area. It is ideal for individuals with hand, wrist, shoulder or spine problems, and those people who have limited fine motor dexterity.

# Another example is the Pedder Johnson 13 CM Raised Toilet Seat/Commode Seat With Clamp which fits under a regular home toilet seat. These independent seats can be easily washed, cleaned and kept hygienic.

# Last but not the least, the Pedder Johnson 8 CM Raised Toilet Seat/Commode Seat With Clamp fits under a regular home toilet seat. It is the same kind of toilet seat but with a lower elevation than the others.