Motherhood is one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. But a woman goes through a lot of mixed emotions during this period which include happiness, stress, pain, and many more. In earlier times it was difficult for women to cope up with the pain and stress that followed pregnancy. But as postpartum care technology advanced, different devices, objects, and procedures were developed to help women get through post pregnancy events in a smoother and easier way. Today, a number of things are available that help women ease the pain and make the post maternity care hassle free.

One of the marvels in postpartum care is maternity pads. Just like normal sanitary pads these pads work by absorbing liquid discharge and blood that can usually follow a delivery and continue for a small period of time. They are specially designed for women who have gone through pregnancy and need post pregnancy care. The cloth material and the comfortable make of the maternity pads allow women to wear any kind of garment after their pregnancy. Some are specially designed for women who have gone through a caesarean operation.

Some Examples of Postpartum Care Products

Postpartum care products like New Mom Disposable Maternity Pad - Maxipad offers maximum absorbency for profuse blood loss during the post-partum period. It contains Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which converts the liquid into gel thereby ensuring maximum absorbency for profuse blood loss. The high SAP content when compared to ordinary pads is specially given to prevent rewetting and leakage thereby offering a dry perennial area. It is soft, thin and comfortable and lives no allergies and rashes.

New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads - Maxipad

The New Mom Disposable Breast Pads 12 Pcs is specially designed for the breast. It has soft and dry lining that draws the extra fluid away and prevents leakage. It is made of breathable material that provides air circulation preventing sore nipples and bacterial growth.

New Mom Disposable Breast Pads 12 Pcs

After delivery a woman will feel uncomfortable feeling and pain on wearing normal panties which will constrict on the stitches. Lack of air circulation may result in slow healing of wounds. The New Mom Disposable Pad Fixator offers a comfortable and hygienic way of holding pads.

New Mom Disposable Pad Fixator