Modern Moms are lucky within the sense that they need access helpful information concerning parenting throughout the first year. One topic that several moms do analysis is breastfeeding, and currently, we are aware of its advantages for each mum and kid. However, breastfeeding doesn’t come back straightforward at the beginning, and there are several other breastfeeding challenges that new Mom got to overcome, like a congenital defect, engorgement, and low supply. The very last thing a mom wants is to struggle with a good undergarment once her baby is screaming in hunger! That’s why an honest nursing bra is thus vital for all breastfeeding Moms, particularly the new ones!


Newmom Seamless Nursing Bra is a comfortable bra that molds to the changing body shape. Its wide front opening provides plenty of room for your baby to feed comfortably. It has easy-to-open bra cups that can be opened with one hand for discreet, undisturbed breastfeeding. It also has wide, adjustable shoulder straps and back straps with 3 hook & eye closures comfortably support the breast as they become fuller and more sensitive.


Here are some reasons why a nursing bra is a must have for a new Mom:

# Traditional bras aren’t designed for the increasing size of a new mother, whose size can fluctuate within the initial months.

# A nursing bra helps you feed your baby where you're, in a very discreet fashion while not having to undress yourself.

# The opening flap of NewMom Nursing Bra makes it easy for you to feed your baby as soon as you wish, while not creating him wait while you twiddle your hooks.

# Giving your baby access to the nipple will be through with only one hand with a nursing bra.

# Nursing bras are made with materials that are breathable, medicated and comfy for the new Mom.


How to choose the correct size for Nursing Bra?

At Health Vistas we offer 3 color variants of NewMom Seamless Nursing Bra namely white, beige & black. Call us if you need any assistance at 07357879777. Click here to buy!