An indispensable part of the human body, the knee is a joint which sustains the maximum amount of stress and strain while we sit, stand, walk, or run. It is also one of the most vulnerable joints and gets affected even strongly as your age increases. People in the older ages face a number of problems with their knees out of which the most important is arthritis.

Types of Knee Supports

There are a number of different types of orthopedic knee supports that can help in aiding, healing, and curing the problems of the knee.

Knee Calipers

A caliper is one of the major knee supports that is used to ease the pain on your knee. It works by shifting the weight that is exerted on to the knee to another joint strong enough to take the force. A set of straps, bolts, and joints work harmoniously to relieve the user from the pain.

Knee Immobilizers

They are often used after surgery to help prevent unwanted movement that could re-injure the leg or cause harm to the healing area. When a patient turns in bed and accidentally reinjures the knee joint, knee splints stabilize the knee joint and cushion it from impact from outside forces. Knee immobilizers are also sometimes called knee splints. In some cases, knee immobilizers help in preventing bacteria and other organisms that cause infection from getting on the wound.

ROM Brace

After a knee surgery, the leg needs to be completely immobilized for a few days. Slowly and steadily the leg is allowed to move in a specified range. Devices used to accomplish that are called Range of Motion braces. The knee brace has a flexion-extension setter which can be fixed easily as per the recommendations of the doctor and requirement of the patient. It allows Range Of Motion (ROM) and fixed angle setting.

Hinged Knee Braces

When one has a collateral ligament (MCL) injury, a hinged knee brace is prescribed by the doctor. It provides the support to the knee and allows healing. Anterior collateral ligament (ACL) tears often require surgical repair, and in those cases too, a hinged brace may be locked to immobilize the knee or unlocked to allow the knee to bend during healing after surgery.

Post Op Knee Braces

They immobilize the knee joint after knee surgery. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, they have integral hinges and adjustable stops that support the knee and speed rehabilitation from ligament surgery, cartilage operations, patella realignment and other different surgery rehabilitations.

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