Parents never want to see their child sitting on a wheelchair, but unfortunately if you ever face a situation where your child is in need of a wheelchair, it’s good to know that there are plenty of options. Each child is different and so there is no simple formula for pediatric wheelchairs. As opposed to wheelchairs designed for adults, those designed for children require a slightly different approach. Depending upon your child’s individual needs, you can safely transport them wherever they need to go.

Many people have the misconception that all wheelchairs are the same. The idea of sitting for long periods of time is not only uncomfortable but it can lead to serious health issues such as pressure sores and skin breakdowns. Seeing our child in any kind of discomfort is the last thing we want, so it’s important to match the right wheelchair with the right user. It is your doctor’s duty to refer you to a physiotherapist so that your child is properly measured to maximize proper design and comfort.

A Basket of Pediatric Wheelchair Choices

After consulting with your physiotherapist, you may have questions as to what your options are. Questions such as: is trunk stability a necessity? Or do I need a kids wheelchair that tilts? If so, should it tilt in space? One important issue that might be overlooked is where the wheelchair for kids might be used. For instance, if the child in the wheelchair has a sibling that plays soccer, the terrain may actually be uneven and may require a sturdier option.

# The Smart Care SC958LBHP CP Child Manual Wheelchair is designed to promote good posture as well as stability. It is widely used on all terrains.

Karma CP200 Multi-functional Paediatric Wheelchair comes with a variety of features including adjustable armrests, headrests, front casters, trunk support, etc. that provide optimal comfort to the child. It also has tilt-in-space seat and recline function to provide pressure relief. This type of kids wheelchair is ideal for medium to serious Cerebral Palsy child.

# In order to provide children essential adjustments and also have the elegance factor in your wheelchair, the Smart Care SC802 Paediatric Manual Wheelchair provides a child-friendly elegant design as well as a multitude of custom features to fit just about every patients need.