Travelling is the best part of anybody’s life and almost all of us love to travel. If we have our own bikes or cars then the travelling becomes all the more interesting and worthy. But for the long drives and rides there are always the roads which makes the journey painful. Here comes in light our product, FEGO FLOAT AIR SUSPENSION CAR/BIKE SEAT.

The main purpose of this air suspension seat is to provide passengers the lovely experience of travelling and saving us from all aaaaahh and ooucches of the bad roads due to potholes & speed breakers.

Below are the 3 variants of Fego Float Air Suspension Seat which you can choose from for your best comfort.


Fego Float Air Suspension Seat for Two Wheelers

Fego Float Seat for Two Wheelers provides great ride comfort even on worst roads. It acts like an air suspension and can reduce up to 46% harsh vibrations that come from Bad roads. The unique pressure distribution technology of Fego Float distributes pressure evenly amongst all cells. Due to which rider can ride twice as long without butt pain. For riders who go for long distances Fego Float shall reduce butt pain and help them float comfortably. The seat has a Rain Cover, a seat cover made with top genuine leather, high quality mesh and bottom anti-skid material, two straps to tie it up to stock seat. The mesh used in the top of seat cover gives good ventilation underneath butt and helps riders fight sweat. Works best for all cruisers (Harley Davidson, Avenger etc.,) touring bikes (Royal Enfield all models) and scooters (Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro, Yamaha Fascino, Vespa etc.)


Fego Float Air Suspension Seat for Two Wheelers (Mountain Range)

The new Fego Float Mountain Range is designed with genuine, chestnut colour leather and grey mesh. It is crafted to give a new character to your motorcycle while retaining the magical experience of the Float. Fego wants to give a unique, feel good ride experience through its innovative automotive accessories.


Fego Float Air Suspension Seat for Cars - Turkish Blue

Fego Float Car Seat with cushion cover helps drivers and passengers travel without suffering pain, numbness, and fatigue. The cushion is made of individual, interconnected air cells allowing air to transfer from chamber-to-chamber, evenly distributing body weight, and promoting proper blood flow. Fego Float features pneumatic suspension for bumpy country road or modern motorway our medically and scientifically proven air technology acts as pneumatic suspension and dampens jerks and vibrations up to 46% autonomous / dynamic suspension technology Fego Float cushion regulates amount of air inside cushion and establishes uniform weight distribution and improves blood circulation contour fitting technology.


Six people who will benefit the most

# People with back pain issues

# Pregnant women

# Pillion riders going for long rides.

# Travellers who love going for long rides

# Office commuters who drive more than 90 mins a day.

# Apt for people who love new experiences. Make their motorcycle ride more pleasant

Buy Fego Float Air Suspension Seat for smooth journeys with no pains. Fits all bikes & butts!