Pollution is one of the most ever increasing hazards in today’s world. Oxygen is one of the quintessential things required for any human to survive. We get most of our oxygen from the air we breathe. But the pollution today has made the air hazardous. Respiratory diseases are on the rise and humans are in dire need of pure air to bring the balance in the equation again. Technology has led to the development of air purifiers which purify the air around us and make it safe and breathable again.

Some of the Popular Air Purifiers

We at Health Vistas bring to you a variety of air filter machines that can adapt to your home environment perfectly.

Gama 501 Air Bathing Indoor Air Purifier adopts the super silence technology of intellectualized PG motor. It purifies the air and gives a fresh breeze effect to your home.

Dr. AIR DR CP-01 Car Air Purifier is designed to suit all cars and interiors. It effectively removes unpleasant smells, tobacco smoke, dust, bacteria & virus, and other air pollutants with 99% efficiency. This air cleaner is filled with an Ionizer which provides effective purification and improves overall health.

Dr. AIR DR AP-301 Home Air Purifier is one of the most effective air cleaners that remove 99.9% of the airborne particles such as Fiber, Dust, Animal dander Pollen, smoke, PM0.1 and PM2.5 air pollutants. It increases brain oxygen, enhances cardiovascular function, helps breathe & sleep better.

Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier has the capability to eliminate harmful dust, pollen, virus and toxins from your indoor air environment. With a 7 Stage Filtration Process, it uses all possible technologies (Pre Filter /HEPA / TiO2 / UV / ions) to provide 99.99% pure & fresh air.

Crusaders Tabletop Air Purifier fits perfectly on your table, and uses all possible technologies to filter the air around you.