As Jasper Fforde once said,” There is nothing better in this world than a hot bath and cup of hot tea.” Bathing is one of the most quintessential things that a person needs in his life. Whether it is a poor or rich person or an old or young person, bathing is common to all. Many a time your health makes it difficult for you to even use the bathroom on your own. Especially in India, the Indian style toilets are not fit for a person who might be suffering from arthritis or any other problem. It makes it painful for the person to even think about going to the toilet or the bathroom. This is where we provide you with bathroom safety products that not only help you in the toilet but also better your bathing experience.

Types of Bathroom Safety Products

There are different types of bath safety products including the following:

Commode Chairs

Arthritis and problems with the knee have become very common. As you age the knee becomes weaker and it becomes very difficult for you to bend down. The Ryder 210 Folding Commode Chair is a perfect choice for those who cannot walk to the toilet every time. It has a removable pan, which means that it can be placed at the bedside. The height of this bath safety product can be adjustable and the backrest is also movable. The Smart Care SCI-1899B Indian Commode Chair is a product apt for houses where Indian toilets are still the preferred choice. It can be placed directly above it and covers the basic area making it easy to clean.

Bath Benches

There is a high risk of old people slipping on bathroom floors and an injury on top of all only increases one’s problems. Bath benches are specialized chairs made for people who cannot stand and bathe and also minimize the risk of slipping in the bathroom. The Scure BB 102 Height Adjustable Bath Bench With Back Rest is the perfect choice for the bathroom. It has an adjustable backrest and for those who want to be independent.

Grab Bars

Grab bars for toilets are also an important feature that should be included in your bathroom. The Pedder Johnson 12" Stainless Steel Grab Bar is made of stainless steel and is also available in a larger size (Pedder Johnson 18" Stainless Steel Grab Bar).

Commode Wheelchairs

For people who are confined to wheelchairs, the Smart Care SC609 Wheelchair With Commode is an apt choice as it has the benefit of a wheelchair and does not require the patient to get up for answering nature’s call. Another option in this range is the Smart Care SC609GC Recliner Wheelchair With Commode, which has a reclining seat and also many other extra and efficient features.