Make your vegetables and fruits free from insecticide and pesticides with the help of our OZONE GUARD FRUIT & VEGETABLE PURIFIER. These days almost all of the fruits and vegetable are been matured using insecticide, pesticides & other harmful chemicals. Just rinsing them off with water does not remove all these harmful substances. Therefore our Paragon Ozone Food Guard Purifier for Vegetables & Fruits is extremely effective on pesticides, bacteria and other harmful germs & viruses for powerful oxidizing and disinfecting effect of Ozone.


Fresh & Healthy

Fruit and vegetable purifier preserves nutrition value and freshness of food, thus we can eat clean and healthy food.


Ozone Disinfection Technology

Vegetable Purifier applies vortex spraying current to wash the physical dirt of the vegetable surface. Meanwhile, it makes use of electronic Ozone generator to produce powerful oxidizing ozone to sterilize and disinfect pesticide      degradation and toxin oxidization without any pollution.


Easy to Use

This vegetable washing machine is very easy to operate. Operating time can be freely selected using the turn knob timer.


No Detergents Used

While using the vegetable cleaner, detergents need not to be added. This eliminates the introduction of pollutants into the environment.


How To Use Vegetable & Fruit Purifier




Light disinfection cycle (appropriate for most produce found in the supermarket).

 Rinse 2 times, 3 minutes per time.

Medium disinfection cycle (appropriate for medium tenacity pollutants or residual pesticides).

 Rinse 3 times; the first and second times for 3 minutes, and the third time for 1 minute.

Heavy disinfection cycle (appropriate for high tenacity pollutants or residual pesticides).

 Rinse 3 times; the first time for 5 minutes, the second time for 3 minutes and the third time for 1 minute.