Delivering a baby is an overwhelming experience especially for a first-time mother who has to deal with several changes, physical, emotional and hormonal. Post-partum bleeding, medically referred to as ‘lochia’, is one of the biggest changes to manage. It begins immediately after childbirth and continues for at least 2-6 weeks post-delivery.

Thus, during the first few days of postpartum pads required must be highly absorbent and soft and gentle on the skin. It is here that maternity pads take over the regular sanitary napkins. These large sized and thick pads prevent leakage and staining. After using these heavy-duty pads for the first few days post-delivery, women can then switch to the lighter ones when bleeding reduces. Besides being used for post-partum, these heavy-duty pads are extremely useful in cases of incontinence and menorrhagia wherein heavy menstrual bleeding takes place.

New Mom brings to you its maternity pads in maxi and medi absorbing capacities along with pad fixators. Let us look at each of their features and available pack sizes:

New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads - Maxipad

Especially designed for use during post-partum bleeding, Maxipads enable a woman who has just delivered remain stress free and focus on the newborn. Following are some of the features which make these maternity sanitary pads extremely handy during the post-partum days:

# High absorbency capacity of 850 ml as compared to just 80 ml of an ordinary sanitary napkin. This can easily manage the bleeding during the first three days post delivery. The frequency of changing the pads is also low, considering their high absorption capacity.

# Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) converts the fluid into gel, thereby keeping the perineal area dry and clean. This also helps avoid leakage and staining.

# Extra length and width provides ample coverage area, to contain the back and side flow, thereby preventing leakage and staining.

# Topmost layer is a cotton layer which is extremely soft and gentle on the skin. It also keeps the skin breathable and eliminates chances of rashes or allergies.

# Wide adhesive strips keep the pad securely in place.

# Elasticity of the sides enables the pad to stretch in accordance with the body movements, again preventing any leakage and staining.

# Effective odor control system which avoids any unpleasant smell enabling the user to use the pad for longer time.

They are available in pack sizes of 5 and 30.

 New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads

New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads – Medipad

After the first three days of post-partum bleeding, there is a decline in its quantity. It is now that the mother can switch to Medipads which have an absorption capacity of 450 ml and can easily contain the milder flow of post-partum bleeding. They are also available in pack sizes of 5 and 30.

New Mom Disposable Maternity Pads

New Mom Disposable Pad Fixator 

In the first few days of post-partum when a mother is undergoing healing, she may not find it convenient to wear the normal underwear which may rub against the stitches. It is here that the pad fixators come in handy. They are an ideal aid for holding the postpartum pads in place, in the most comfortable and hygienic way.

Features of Pad Fixators are:

# Soft and stretchable waist band relieves pressure on the abdomen and does not disturb the post-surgical stitches. They can easily be worn below or above the caesarian scar.

# Extra stretchable leg opening allows flexible positioning.

# Made out of a breathable material, the skin stays clean and hygienic, eliminating chances of any fungal infections. This also helps avoid any foul odor.

# Overall soft and stretchable design eliminates any chances of constriction, ensuring maximum comfort and hygiene levels.

# Relieves a woman of the hassle of cleaning and washing stains, as they can be disposed of after each use. At the same time, they are reusable and can be washed and dried easily.

# They are available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and XX Large sizes and sold in a pack size of 5. There is also a combo pack of maternity pads and pad fixator.

 New Mom Disposable Pad Fixator

So, let a first-time mother initiate her experience of motherhood on a pleasant note, wherein the anxieties of the post-partum period are well taken care of. Maternity pads and fixators are a successful attempt at managing the post-partum bleeding with utmost ease, thereby keeping the mother hassle free for quick recovery.