Back is the most crucial part of your body involved in all the movements from walking to sitting to rolling over bed. Now, if you have a job or if you are a long drive lover and have to sit in the same posture for hours and after that you end up with achy back and restless legs then in this case Back Support Cushion is the best remedy for you. Our back rest pillows are specifically designed for all types of office chairs and car seat. These anatomically designed back supports cushions help you to correct your posture and prevent for any further pain in your back. Our back cushions are made up of high density foam which enhances the required trestle to the back.


Choosing from our variety of Back Support Cushions:

It is important to do a wise selection between the choices available to get the right amount of support to your back. Consider the below mentioned options before selecting a Back Support Cushion.

 Temperature sensitive Back Support Cushions

Temperature sensitive Back Support Cushions: Temperature sensitive foam responds to body heat and weight. It is a multi-purpose pillow that can be used to put at your back or to sit on.



Back rest with double hook



Back rest with double hook: It is equipped with two hooks which enable the ease of adjustment to the chair along with the preferred comfort. It fits the pillow to your chair if you sit up & down more often.




Memory Foam Pillow


Memory Foam Pillow: It reacts to pressure and temperature of your back causing it to mould and conform to shape accordingly providing maximum comfort. Orthopaedic, contoured design hugs your back, helping keep your spine in proper alignment.




Back Support Pillow with Gel


Back Support Pillow with Gel: These are made of premium grade memory foam with Innovative Gel layer on top for optimal back support provide comfort and relief pain of back without any sweaty for long time sit. Its soft and supportive memory foam conforms to the natural curves; helps align the spine, lessen painful pressure points and retain shape.



Smart back rest


Smart back rest: This support maintains the curvature of the lower spine & is made up of high-density foam and also provides support to the side muscles of the back. It gives soft support to the body while still allowing it to move.






Back Buddy

Back Buddy: The moulded foam construction, with extra high built-in spring steel wire frame provides postural correction and neck support. It fits sluggishly to the natural contours of your lower back and increases the load transfer to the backrest and reduced disc pressure.




Indication of using Back Support Pillows

# Ageing

# Long computer hours

# Long drives

# Poor physical conditioning

# Pregnancy

# Poor lifting techniques


How to use Chair Back Supports 

Easily portable, light weight and can be fitted to any chair, at workstation, in car & at home.

Adjustable lumbar pillow is to be fitted as and where extra cushioning is required. The use of a lumbar support changes the posture of the lumbar spine toward lord sis, and hence reduces the deformation of the lumbar spine and corresponding disk pressure.

Try out our Back Support Cushions so that you can work pain free!